12 Tips for Gluten Free Living #2: Focus on what you Can Eat

  If you continue to focus on what you can’t eat you will continue to feel deprived and miserable.  Shift your focus to what you can eat. Make a list of everything you can think of that is gluten free. Start with the obvious naturally gluten free stuff like fruits and veggies and go fromContinue reading “12 Tips for Gluten Free Living #2: Focus on what you Can Eat”

12 Tips for Gluten Free Living #1: Attitude is Everything

  We create our life with our thoughts.  No you did not choose to have an illness or an intolerance that limits the foods you can eat.  But you can choose your reaction to the limitations. Focus on wellness rather than illness. Surround yourself with positive people. Try turning your thoughts and actions to livingContinue reading “12 Tips for Gluten Free Living #1: Attitude is Everything”

A Savory Pumpkin Side Dish

Who doesn’t love pumpkin pie?  I know I do, but I also enjoy savory pumpkin dishes, like my Pumpkin Quinoa Pilaf with Bacon.   Pumpkin Quinoa Pilaf with Bacon Ingredients: 6 strips turkey bacon diced check the label for gf turkey bacon — I use Jennie-O 1 Tablespoon olive oil 1 cup quinoa 2 cupsContinue reading “A Savory Pumpkin Side Dish”

It Isn’t Always About The Food

Recently a group of ladies met at a restaurant to celebrate a neighbor’s birthday.  It was a bit of a struggle for me to go.  I am  shy and although I may appear to be outgoing, I have to work at it.  But this party was for someone who has been very nice and helpful asContinue reading “It Isn’t Always About The Food”

The Holiday eBook and Bob’s Birthday

I have made revisions and added a few things, including photos to my Holiday eBook Have Yourself a Healthy Little Holiday.  It is now available through the Kindle Store or from our bookstore. Tomorrow is Bob’s birthday, so today (11/9), tomorrow (11/10) and Monday (11/11) we are offering this book FREE to everyone.  Yes, I saidContinue reading “The Holiday eBook and Bob’s Birthday”

Special Announcement

I am introducing my new Carrot Cake Fruit Cream in a guest blog post at The Gluten Free Homemaker.  Yes, I said carrot cake.  Doesn’t that sound good?  You’ll want to be sure to go get this recipe. If you are living gluten free The Gluten Free Homemaker is a blog you will want to get to know. Continue reading “Special Announcement”

My Gluten Free Life

I recently wrote a little bit of my personal gluten free story for a Squidoo Lens called Living the Gluten Free Good Life.  On June 12, 2013 it was Lens of the Day on Squidoo as well as receiving a Purple Star award.  I am very happy for this opportunity to reach a broader audienceContinue reading “My Gluten Free Life”