Help with Thanksgiving Cooking Questions

Not sure how long to thaw the turkey? Can’t tell if a turkey is gluten free? Have a pumpkin or cranberry question? Need to know how long you can let the Thanksgiving feast safely sit out on the table? We’ve all had those questions. But don’t worry, there is help. The following are hotline numbersContinue reading “Help with Thanksgiving Cooking Questions”

Celebrate Homemade Bread Day!

I love to cook.  But what I love most are the stories of cooking in the family kitchen, eating at the family table, and sharing food with friends and strangers. Bob says the smell of fresh baked bread makes a house a home.  When his mother made bread it was served with hot cocoa to dipContinue reading “Celebrate Homemade Bread Day!”

Give of Yourself

Do your holiday celebrations include giving back to your community? Think about ways your family could share their blessings with others. Perhaps you could volunteer to help serve the meal at the homeless shelter, make tray favors for a local nursing home, or help pack the food boxes for the needy at your local churchContinue reading “Give of Yourself”

Oh goody-goody a present!

I have just published  my new e-book Have Yourself a Healthy Little Holiday.    It includes non-food celebration ideas, menu planning, cooking and baking tips along with over 20 recipes emphasizing whole foods with gluten-free, dairy free, low-fat and reduced sugar options. Out of gratitude for the support and encouragement of friends, family and blogContinue reading “Oh goody-goody a present!”

What’s Fall Without Vegetable Carving?

What would Fall be without fruit and vegetable carving?  I know you’re thinking Jack-O-Lanterns, but what about carved watermelons or pineapples?  I doubt you’ve seen anything like these.  Please follow the links to see some beautiful pictures (there are a few magnificent  Jack-O-Lanterns included) and don’t forget to bookmark us before you go. reading “What’s Fall Without Vegetable Carving?”