It Really is the Little Things

Photo of green gelatin
Photo of green gelatin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I was young money was tight, but no matter how poor we were mom made a special holiday dessert.  I loved her Christmas Jell-O®. It was just the red and green stuff we ate the rest of the year cut into cubes with dollops of whipped cream, but it was beautiful, and always served in a crystal bowl.  That is one of my most precious holiday memories. Why?  Not a woman given to displays of emotion or sentimentality, that simple holiday dessert was one of the ways my mother expressed love.

 You can’t give your children everything they want.  It is human nature the more we have the more we want.  Give your children lessons in love, joy, peace, faith and selfless giving. Also don’t forget to give your children the little things they will keep forever — memories.

What is your favorite holiday memory of a little thing that mattered most?


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