The Secret to Lasting Love

Okay, so that got your attention.  Everyone wants to find a love that will last, right?  Well the truth is there really is no secret, just the reality that you have to work at it. Bob and I have been married for 26 years now.  Not really such a big deal when you consider ourContinue reading “The Secret to Lasting Love”

A Valentine’s Day Treat

Genie’s Note:  A few of my readers may not know that before I was Espirational I was Gluten-Free and Loving It (on another blogging platform).  That blog is long closed, but I am still loving the gluten-free life.  So for Valentines Day I decided to do something I haven’t done for a while and shareContinue reading “A Valentine’s Day Treat”

Valentine’s Flowers

Instead of a dozen long stem roses or other cut flowers consider giving your loved one a live plant this Valentine’s Day. Take a minute to consider the symbolism with me.  When you give cut flowers they will wither and die within a few days.  Why?  Because they are cut off from their source. AContinue reading “Valentine’s Flowers”