The Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven

The disciples were always jockeying for position.  They all wanted to be the first, the best, the closest to Jesus with a high position in the Kingdom.  So we can imagine their surprise at the answer Jesus gave  to the question in Matthew 18:1, “Who, then, is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?” Jesus answered:Continue reading “The Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven”

:) The Rebel Jesus

Dig a Little Deeper:  How would the Rebel Jesus respond to our world culture and situations?   (Please respond to these questions with your reactions in the comments area of these posts. Everyone wants to know your thoughts about these challenges. The world can be changed only if we follow our spiritual leaders, talk aboutContinue reading “:) The Rebel Jesus”

Trees without deep roots fall

Bob and I live in a lakeside senior-mobile home/RV community called Lakewood Village.  A large part of the natural beauty drawing people here is the large trees. But this little piece of heaven where we live is in Oklahoma which means we don’t have dirt, we have largely clay and rock.  As large and, beautifulContinue reading “Trees without deep roots fall”