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“They” Did it to Me

There is one thing in this world I know for sure.  We each create our own reality with our thoughts.  Unfortunately much of what we create is not real — it is simply an illusion.

One of the biggest illusions I seem to like to create is that outside forces have power over me.  Anyone else like to create that one?  The great nebulous “they” made me do it, or did it to me.  What really happens in these instances is that I do it to myself.

You see it’s not what others do or how they live that causes me problems, it’s how I react to it.  I always have a choice. Unfortunately I occasionally still chose to live on adrenaline and it doesn’t take much to get that going.  Bob being sick, a friend needing a lot of time and attention, going overboard with physical exercise can be all it takes to set off what I call an adrenaline storm.  As I am getting older and as I have been getting these under control “falling off the wagon” has become harder.  At the least, there is one heck of a “hangover.”  Just as with a storm related to weather whether it be rain, wind, snow, there is often clean-up that has to occur after the storm has passed, there is always clean-up to do and often consequences to live with when we create a reality that is out of balance and does not work.

So what do we do?  Do we give up and just “accept” our flawed reality as just the way life is?  Or do we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, be patient with ourselves, learn something from the experience and recommit to our spiritual practice?  The choice is mine.  The choice is yours.

A Simple Discipline: Say YES!

For things to happen in our life we must be available, ready and willing.  When Spirit moves are we open to it, or do we even notice?  An important part of life is saying yes.  Not saying yes to everyone and everything because you are afraid to say no.  That is so not what I am talking about here.  Saying yes to life means that we are ready, open and available for the good life has in store.

When we say yes to life, it gives a resounding YES back and doors of opportunity start opening.  This includes opportunities to grow, learn and develop strength we didn’t know we had.  Sometimes as they are happening we may doubt that these are good, but in the end we will learn that they are.

This month you will hear inspiring music, quotes and stories from people who have said YES to life.  Let these inspire you.

Life as Spiritual Practice

Copyright 2015 by R.A. Robbins
Copyright 2015 by R.A. Robbins

I originally intended to write about creativity as spiritual practice, but realized all of life is spiritual practice. We can study, meditate and perform other spiritual practices to achieve enlightenment, but it’s in the big and small stuff of daily life where we learn how to live as spiritual beings in physical bodies. Many of the troubles in the world seem to come from the disconnect between God and daily life.

Now is the time to realize that God is with us every minute of our lives, not just in church on Sunday. How do we do this? How might the world change if we did?

  1. Remember our thoughts are prayers. The Bible tells us to pray without ceasing and that God knows our need before we ask. Every thought and word that comes from us goes out in the Universe and comes back to us in one way or another. Doesn’t this make you want to be more careful in what you think or say?
  2. I Release and I Let Go is not only a song with catchy tune, it is a reminder.  Releasing and letting go of the stuff that no longer serves us is something we need to do often.
  3. We are one with God, each other and the earth. Separation is a myth. If we could begin to see God in others I guarantee the world would change.
  4. God doesn’t always speak to us in big flashy ways. Listen for God in the silence.

Living the spiritual life doesn’t always come easy.  That’s why we call it a practice.  What are some of the ways you practice your faith in daily life?

Living Through the Perfect Storm

We are living through what seems like never-ending storms on a variety of levels.  It has been raining here in Oklahoma — a lot.  The lake is rising and a few homes in our community are sitting in water.  Thankfully, ours is not one of them.   Spring is also tornado season which means spending time with neighbors crowded into a small makeshift “storm shelter.”
While the waters are rising change is in the air in our private community and in the absence of an official announcement rumors are spreading like wildfire.  Retired folks and uncertainty aren’t a good combination.
Bob is also dealing with some minor medical issues which means doctors and waiting room time for me.  Not something I’m good at.
After three days of a horrible headache and feeling like I was being battered by my own storm I started realizing what a few of the lessons in all this might be.
1.  Trust God.
2.  Always ask “is this mine?” when feeling overwhelmed by physical symptoms or strong emotion.  As an empath I have a tendency to pick up other people’s stuff without realizing it.  A daily practice of releasing what may actually belong to others is important.
3.  Like minded people may be closer than you think.   When feeling overwhelmed we often feel alone.  Sometimes it takes awhile to realize we really aren’t.
4.  Water amplifies EVERYTHING.  From weather conditions (physical storms) to strong emotions from others (psychic storms) to our own concerns and worries, energy carries an extra charge when you add large amounts of water to the equation.  I was not prepared for this one.
5.  When you live with nature you have to play by her rules.  Some things just can’t be controlled.
6.  During a storm is not the time to be lax with spiritual practice.  When we become overwhelmed it can feel like something has to go, we can’t do everything.  Prayer, meditation, reflection, reading sacred texts, and gentle movement are not things to let go of during stormy times.
We all encounter storms in life.  It is important to remember the storm will not last forever and to carry on with spiritual practices that keep us grounded and remind us who we are.
Blessings to everyone and may you be safe, well and dry.

More Six Word Memoirs

Have you been to magical places?
Have you been to magical places? (Photo credit: Konabish ~ Greg Bishop)

An earlier blog post titled Life in Six Words has been the most read, commented on and liked blog post I have written so far. Thank you. It must have struck a chord with people.

I thought during Lent when many engage in introspective spiritual practices might be a good time to try this again. Condensing a lifetime so far into just six words can be difficult, but can also help focus on the most meaningful moments of life. Perhaps they were life changers or  simple affirmations of being on the right track.

So, here we go… again. I’ll start.

Out of darkness, into the light.

Now it’s your turn. What is your life in six words?