Thought for Today and an Announcement

“Every day we live is a priceless gift of God, loaded with possibilities to learn something new, to gain fresh insights.” –Dale Evans Rogers I am happy to introduce Bob’s new blog called Espirational Faith at  Bob enjoys digging deep into theology and philosophy so if you do too, you will want to followContinue reading “Thought for Today and an Announcement”

Follower of the Month: Laurie Buchanan

Genie’s Note:  Laurie was one of our early followers and her blog is an ongoing source of encouragement for me. I am sure you will want to check out her blog and website. DEFINING CORE VALUES In my perspective, it’s important to be able to articulate our core values—the things we embrace that keep ourContinue reading “Follower of the Month: Laurie Buchanan”

Thought for Today

“May your life always be Counterpoint to the Clamor of the World. May you delight in Dancing Lightly With Life. May you soar on eagle wings, high above the madness of the world. May you always sing Melody in the Symphony of Your Life. May you taste, smell, and touch your dreams of a beautifulContinue reading “Thought for Today”

Love Those E-mail Newsletters!

I have to admit I’m a sucker for an e-mail newsletter. Promise me a few coupons or recipes and I’m asking “Where do I sign up?” Well it’s not quite that bad, I do have standards. Don’t get spammy on me cause I can unsubscribe as quick as I subscribed. Won’t let me unsubscribe? Then future e-mailsContinue reading “Love Those E-mail Newsletters!”

Cats as Healers

I know cats are healers. If you have ever had a cat snuggle up to you when you were sick or found yourself relaxed to the point of falling asleep with a purring cat on your lap you know what I mean. But according to The 7 Healing Powers of Cat Purrs from the TailsContinue reading “Cats as Healers”