Love Those E-mail Newsletters!

Computer screen garden (2)
Computer screen garden (2) (Photo credit: 4nitsirk)

I have to admit I’m a sucker for an e-mail newsletter. Promise me a few coupons or recipes and I’m asking “Where do I sign up?” Well it’s not quite that bad, I do have standards. Don’t get spammy on me cause I can unsubscribe as quick as I subscribed. Won’t let me unsubscribe? Then future e-mails go in my spam folder. From time to time I also go through and cull out the ones I never seem to get around to reading. Some people have another e-mail account just for advertising, newsletters and the like.

These are two of my favorite daily inspirational e-mails to which I am currently subscribed.

Daily Meditation from the Henri Nouwen Society.  Go to the website and click on the resources tab to sign up.

Guideposts Magazine has a selection of positive newsletters available.  Go to the website to sign up.

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