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Coming up This Year…

Copyright 2013 by R.O. Robbins
Copyright 2013 by R.O. Robbins

Beginning tomorrow Healthy Living A to Z will cover a letter of the alphabet every other Friday throughout the year.

My newest eBook The Gluten-Free Good Life  Is available in the in the Kindle Store as well as the Espirational Bookstore.

I have started an art site as we prepare to move to a small town with an active art community.

Have you enjoyed meeting other followers through the Follower of the Month?  I am having trouble contacting people.  If you are interested let me know.

Monthly heart health quotes, videos and links will continue this year.

On the personal side, we are caught in a referral nightmare concerning Bob’s eye problems.  Please pray for us as we try to disentangle from this mess and discern what is really going on.

That’s the announcements for now.  Anyone have plans for the New Year you would like to announce?

Follower of the Month: Laurie Buchanan

Genie’s Note:  Laurie was one of our early followers and her blog is an ongoing source of encouragement for me. I am sure you will want to check out her blog and website.


Laurie 3

In my perspective, it’s important to be able to articulate our core values—the things we embrace that keep our internal compass pointing north:

1. I practice intentional kindness (including self).

2. I invest time to examine my motives (why I do, or refrain from doing things).

3. I practice active listening—listening “between the lines” to what’s not being said as well as what’s verbalized.

4. Travel light—travel fast. I live below my means, embracing the philosophy that less is more.

5. Never–ever!—be held hostage by the opinion of others.

6. Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing. If I don’t like something, I change it.

7. Know my life purpose and live it. I am a channel for grace—the immediate presence of spirit.

What are your core values?


About the Author:  As a transformational life coach, Laurie Buchanan helps people turn intention into action; bridging the gap between where they are, and where they want to be — body, mind, and spirit. Please visit her website at and her blog at

Follower of the Month: Susan Yanguas

Genie’s Note:  We decided to start the Follower of the Month to not only recognize our followers but to give everyone a chance to get to know each other. Our first Follower of the Month is Susan Yanguas. Be sure to drop by her blog after you read her insightful article. If you want to be a Blogger of the Month please use our contact form to let me know.

You shine like a beacon in a dark world*

English: Kenosha lighthouse at night
English: Kenosha lighthouse at night (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you regularly find yourself in a setting that feels out of sync with your spiritual nature, here’s a thought:

Your life isn’t always about you. Sometimes it’s about what you were put here to teach others.

For over 3 years I worked in a predominantly military organization. Basement cubicle. No windows. 80% of the workforce dressed in fatigues. Nonstop focus on war.

I felt so totally out of place and wondered how a new Age, peace-loving child like me ended up there. Then it hit me. I was having a quiet influence on my co-workers. First they observed, then commented on, then adopted my odd holistic practices. They asked questions, eager to learn more.

One small candle can light up a dark room. Be a beacon.

* quote from American Gods by Neil Gaiman.

Susan Yanguas is a Maryland writer and Reiki Master. She blogs about health and wellness topics as “Abby,” the protagonist of her mystery novel series. Visit Abby’s blog at You can learn more about Susan at her Amazon author’s page.