New Year Old Wars

By Robert O Robbins Believe me I understand how many people feel about how Islam seems to be quite violent as to want everyone who is not of their religion dead. But it is a religion, now hundreds of years old, regardless what we or others call it. My intent in replying to a comment addressed to me inContinue reading “New Year Old Wars”

Beginning a New Year

I do not make New Year’s resolutions, because they don’t work for me. Neither has setting an intention with a word for the year. This year however I have been looking at what has and hasn’t been working for me. Instead of making a goal or resolution to lose weight I am looking at whereContinue reading “Beginning a New Year”

Guard Your Thoughts

“Guard your thoughts carefully. The quality of your thinking determines the quality of your life.” –Brian Tracy This is a life lesson I seem to have to keep taking remedial courses in. The universe has shown me over and over that if I think garbage thoughts I will end up in the middle of aContinue reading “Guard Your Thoughts”

I Release and I Let Go

The end of the year is a good time to look at what is and is not serving us in our lives on this earth. And it is a great time to let go of that which no longer serves us. I Release and I Let Go was written by Rickie Byers Beckwith. Please joinContinue reading “I Release and I Let Go”

A Few Simple Disciplines

“Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.”  — Jim Rohn I was looking for a good way to start the new year when I happened onto this quote.   Most of us tend to over complicate our lives don’t we?  We think we have to do it all and we haveContinue reading “A Few Simple Disciplines”

January Follower of the Month: Doreen Lerner

Genie’s Note:  Our January follower of the month is Doreen Lerner of The Full Mind Weigh. Happy New Year! It’s a new beginning. What do you want to see on December 31st when you look back on this year? When we think about change, we can feel overwhelmed. No matter what your goals are, it’sContinue reading “January Follower of the Month: Doreen Lerner”

The Help of Others

“No one who achieves success does so without the help of others. The wise and confident acknowledge this help with gratitude.” — Alfred North Whitehead I really like this quotation.  In a world where many seem to believe they not only can but do achieve everything on their own,  we need to be reminded ofContinue reading “The Help of Others”