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You shine like a beacon in a dark world*

English: Kenosha lighthouse at night
English: Kenosha lighthouse at night (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you regularly find yourself in a setting that feels out of sync with your spiritual nature, here’s a thought:

Your life isn’t always about you. Sometimes it’s about what you were put here to teach others.

For over 3 years I worked in a predominantly military organization. Basement cubicle. No windows. 80% of the workforce dressed in fatigues. Nonstop focus on war.

I felt so totally out of place and wondered how a new Age, peace-loving child like me ended up there. Then it hit me. I was having a quiet influence on my co-workers. First they observed, then commented on, then adopted my odd holistic practices. They asked questions, eager to learn more.

One small candle can light up a dark room. Be a beacon.

* quote from American Gods by Neil Gaiman.

Susan Yanguas is a Maryland writer and Reiki Master. She blogs about health and wellness topics as “Abby,” the protagonist of her mystery novel series. Visit Abby’s blog at You can learn more about Susan at her Amazon author’s page.


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