Being of Service in the Age of Social Distancing

For many, the holiday season is a time to focus on serving others.  So how does COVID-19 change that?  How can we still be of service during this unprecedented time?

First, we need to remember there are always people in need of help, not only during the holidays.  This is especially important this year.  These are just a few suggestions of things we can do to help others.

  • The most important thing we can share during difficult times is peace.  Let others see the peace of God through your life.
  • If there are regular service projects you do each year, contact the organization/s you work with.  Find out how things might be different this year and ask what they need your help doing.
  • Keep in touch with older friends, neighbors, or family members.
  • Donate food, not only to organizations or food pantries but share directly with a family or individual you know personally who is in need.
  • Be especially nice to those who are still working to serve us and keep us safe.
  • Donate blood.  Blood is always needed, but donations are down due to COVID-19 and are always lower during the holidays.  Contact the Red Cross or your local blood bank if you have questions or concerns about donating.
  • Watch and listen for ways to serve/give to others.  Not everything has to be planned.  Sometimes opportunities to help others pop up unexpectedly.  Think about carrying a gift card or two with you for when these things arise, but keep in mind that not all situations require money.  Some require action or simply caring.

If you have a really great idea or know of more online resources for how to help others right now please leave a comment on this post with a link if applicable below.

For more ideas check out these sources:

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