Sing a Song of Joy!

One of my favorite things about the holiday season is the music.  Some of my fondest holiday memories are of the years spent in the choir loft singing in Christmas cantatas, playing in the Orchestra for Handel’s Messiah, ringing in the bell choir, and processing down the aisle by candlelight on Christmas Eve.

I love holiday music.  But it makes me sad that at the end of December we put it all away till next year and avoid that section of the hymnal like it doesn’t exist.

As far as I’m concerned there is no wrong time for holiday music.  I have been known to listen to Christmas music in July and I have been pulling it out from time to time during the pandemic.  Why?  What’s so great about Christmas carols and other holiday music?

Singing carols can just be fun and singing as a group can bring us together in harmony.  The words of many of our traditional carols also remind us of the  importance of hope, peace, and love and the promise of a new beginning.  There is something about music that takes messages straight to our heats.

If we ever needed something to remind us of the light ever-present, even when the world seems dark it is now.  So go ahead and sing,  Sing a song of joy, hope, love, and peace on earth.  Just open your mouth and your heart and sing!



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