Being of Service in the Age of Social Distancing

For many, the holiday season is a time to focus on serving others.  So how does COVID-19 change that?  How can we still be of service during this unprecedented time? First, we need to remember there are always people in need of help, not only during the holidays.  This is especially important this year.  TheseContinue reading “Being of Service in the Age of Social Distancing”

Making and Sending Holiday Cards

Shown above is original fabric art by Rogene A. Robbins (c)2019 available at in the gallery. ——————————————————————-   When was the last time you sent out holiday cards?  When was the last time you actually made those cards yourself? I love to get cards, but when someone makes a card or adds an extraContinue reading “Making and Sending Holiday Cards”

Ideas for virtual holiday gatherings

I know people are wanting to get together with friends and family for the holidays.  However COVID-19 has complicated things, hasn’t it? The first thing we need to consider is how to celebrate safely.  The lives and health of not only our friends, family, and neighbors but also those we may not even know areContinue reading “Ideas for virtual holiday gatherings”

A Higher Calling

Is there more to life than work, parties, earning and spending as much as we can?  Is there even more to “church” as we may know it?  I think the current COVID-19 pandemic is showing us that yes, there is. In the midst of what seems like chaos and turmoil we are being called toContinue reading “A Higher Calling”