Ideas for virtual holiday gatherings

I know people are wanting to get together with friends and family for the holidays.  However COVID-19 has complicated things, hasn’t it? The first thing we need to consider is how to celebrate safely.  The lives and health of not only our friends, family, and neighbors but also those we may not even know areContinue reading “Ideas for virtual holiday gatherings”

Happy Birthday!

Today is my birthday.  Yay!  From time to time I like to  put the word “birthday” in my reader and go say “Happy Birthday” to people celebrating (or not celebrating) birthdays on that particular day.  It is not unusual for me to find people who are sad, angry or fearful about the day.  Some goContinue reading “Happy Birthday!”

This Little Light of Mine…

I’m going to let it shine. But shining our light in the world can be difficult, especially during the often frantic holiday season, can’t it?  Could you use a few ideas for fun and easy ways to let your light shine  during the holidays? Well, I’ve got them. From now until the end of DecemberContinue reading “This Little Light of Mine…”

Apple Pickin’

Bob and I are celebrating our wedding anniversary today.  Believe it or not, over the last 25 years driving as far as 60 miles to an orchard to buy apples has more than once been  our anniversary celebration. Have you ever been to an orchard where apples are grown? Check to see if there is an orchard thatContinue reading “Apple Pickin’”

Earth Day

Today is Earth Day.  According to the Earth Day website, “The first Earth Day on April 22, 1970 activated 20 million Americans from all walks of life to share their concerns about each citizen’s critical role in the environment. Their actions led to the creation of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the passage ofContinue reading “Earth Day”