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Fun and Easy Ways to Shine Your Light: Make and Send Holiday Cards

I love to get cards, but when someone makes a card or adds an extra touch to a purchased card, I feel special.  If you usually buy cards this year try something different.  Create your own cards.  This is a great project to get the kids involved. Look online for ideas of handmade cards. Send them to friends and family.  Think of hospitalized children, nursing home residents, solders or others who might enjoy receiving a card.  I’m mentioning this early, because it takes time to make and mail cards.

Need ideas?  Here are a few links to get you started.  Pinterest is also a good source of ideas.






Spreading the Light #3

Community Center
Community Center (Photo credit: ccstbp)

Approach volunteer work or charitable donations honoring the dignity of the people being helped.  Try not to think of people needing help as “less fortunate” or people to pity or blame.  We are all God’s children.   Many people are finding themselves one paycheck away from homelessness. Remember, you could be the one having to ask for help for the first time.