We Pray for Peace

Every year on New Year’s Eve I ask you to join Bob and I as we pray for peace.  If you have a chance to go to a group peace prayer or meditation gathering today, by all means do.  There is power in individual prayer and mediation but when we gather together with shared intentionContinue reading “We Pray for Peace”

Song Lyrics Can Change Us

Music can be convey messages that can be life changing.  Sometimes Powerful song lyrics can help change our minds and even make us rethink prejudices.  Sometimes we hear a song that comforts us and makes us realize we are not alone. Scars to Beautiful by Alessia Care does all of the above.  Please take aContinue reading “Song Lyrics Can Change Us”

I am Free, I am Unlimited and the Energy of Music

I love this song.  When I went looking for videos to share I found two very different versions and decided to share them both.  Please watch both videos, join in and sing if you like, then we will talk about them. First the original from the Unity Hymnal.   Now let’s jazz it up aContinue reading “I am Free, I am Unlimited and the Energy of Music”

Living Well — Canticle Farm

I was going to say something inspiring about Canticle Farm, but their video says it all.  After you watch, please take a minute to visit http://canticlefarm.com.   These folks are doing great work, but remember we all have a role in creating a world that works for all.   What is yours to do? Canticle Farm from MollyContinue reading “Living Well — Canticle Farm”