Music in Our Souls

By Robert Robbins Music is a wonderfully expressive means of universal power that can and does help a person experience within themselves emotions that would otherwise be hidden from us. Be that emotion one of love, peace, hope or any of a multitude of uplifting spirits, or more negative oriented spirits like fear, anger and bitterness,Continue reading “Music in Our Souls”

To Everything There is a Season…

You may be familiar with these words from the beautiful poetry of the third chapter of the Book of Ecclesiastes in the Bible.  Or perhaps you are more familiar with the musical setting by Pete Seegar known as Turn, Turn, Turn or popular renditions by Judy Collins or The Byrds. These are words people turnContinue reading “To Everything There is a Season…”

It Is Well With My Soul

I grew up on hymns.  They are still in my mind and my soul, so I wanted to end this month of music with not just any hymn, but one of the grand old hymns of the church.  I had many to choose from, but inner guidance was telling me to choose It is WellContinue reading “It Is Well With My Soul”

New Thought Music and Daniel Nahmod

When Bob and I started attending New Thought churches music was kind of an afterthought.  There was the Unity Hymnal which included songs like Magic Penny and hymns with some of the lyrics changed.  Professional musicians were brought in to provide “special music.”  There was often instrumental music for meditation, sometimes live, sometimes recorded. ButContinue reading “New Thought Music and Daniel Nahmod”

Song Lyrics Can Change Us

Music can be convey messages that can be life changing.  Sometimes Powerful song lyrics can help change our minds and even make us rethink prejudices.  Sometimes we hear a song that comforts us and makes us realize we are not alone. Scars to Beautiful by Alessia Care does all of the above.  Please take aContinue reading “Song Lyrics Can Change Us”