New Life

We recently welcomed new life into our home in the form of two kittens. Their names are Lizzie and Beth. There are a few people who think we are a little crazy. Kittens at our age? But these little bundles of energy are exactly what we needed. Living in a “senior” community we are surroundedContinue reading “New Life”

Living on Holy Ground

So, when we begin to realize that God lives in through and as us and that everywhere we stand is holy ground, what happens next?  To put it simply things begin to change. We begin to see all goodness, all Godness that surrounds us.  We see the divine in the places, situations and people weContinue reading “Living on Holy Ground”

New Thought Music and Daniel Nahmod

When Bob and I started attending New Thought churches music was kind of an afterthought.  There was the Unity Hymnal which included songs like Magic Penny and hymns with some of the lyrics changed.  Professional musicians were brought in to provide “special music.”  There was often instrumental music for meditation, sometimes live, sometimes recorded. ButContinue reading “New Thought Music and Daniel Nahmod”