Keeping Christmas in the Heart

When I hear someone complaining about holiday music and decorations before Thanksgiving I smile and think they had better not come to my house.  My nativity collection and winter village have been up for three weeks.  After finding their places in our new home they may stay up the rest of the year.  We have alsoContinue reading “Keeping Christmas in the Heart”

A Season of Angels

Each year I celebrate A Season of Angels beginning at Thanksgiving and continuing through Christmas, making one angel craft project each day.  I started doing this after a local tragedy during the holiday season several years ago but I still do this each year. This is different than making crafts to sell or give asContinue reading “A Season of Angels”

Reclaiming the Holidays

Every year as the holidays approach I am saddened by the number of people who seem to have become slaves to their holiday traditions. Over indulging in food and drink, over spending, working to the point of exhaustion and extreme stress are too often simply accepted as the way things are. Most of us don’tContinue reading “Reclaiming the Holidays”

Oh goody-goody a present!

I have just published  my new e-book Have Yourself a Healthy Little Holiday.    It includes non-food celebration ideas, menu planning, cooking and baking tips along with over 20 recipes emphasizing whole foods with gluten-free, dairy free, low-fat and reduced sugar options. Out of gratitude for the support and encouragement of friends, family and blogContinue reading “Oh goody-goody a present!”