Keeping Christmas in the Heart

When I hear someone complaining about holiday music and decorations before Thanksgiving I smile and think they had better not come to my house.  My nativity collection and winter village have been up for three weeks.  After finding their places in our new home they may stay up the rest of the year.  We have also been listening to Christmas music and watching holiday movies.

Everyone complains about the intense month of activity and spending that surrounds the holidays, yet we still do it — every year.  Maybe we need to rethink what we’re celebrating.

What if instead we kept Christmas in our heart all year?  Recognizing the Spirit of God within us, positive upbeat music, peace on earth, goodwill to all and people being a little nicer and kinder sound like things we could use more than once a year to me.

So this year instead of taking the baby out the manger, wrapping him up and putting him back on the shelf let’s keep Christmas in our hearts all year.

6 thoughts on “Keeping Christmas in the Heart”

  1. Preach it sister!! 🙂 There is so much about Christmas to celebrate in the love that God has for us to send us His Son to be our perfect sacrifice. Imagine a world that reflects that love!

    1. I had to laugh when I read your post Patty. This morning I was talking about Christmas with my walking buddy. She had this big smile on her face and was just nodding in agreement and I thought to myself, Oh no! I’m preaching! I guess you can take the girl out the seminary but .,,

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