A Season of Angels

Computer Angel on Duty, Be Good Photo Copyright 2012 by R.A. Robbins
Computer Angel on Duty, Be Good
Photo Copyright 2012 by R.A. Robbins

Each year I celebrate A Season of Angels beginning at Thanksgiving and continuing through Christmas, making one angel craft project each day.  I started doing this after a local tragedy during the holiday season several years ago but I still do this each year.

This is different than making crafts to sell or give as gifts.  I do this as a form or meditation or prayer to help keep me focused on Spirit and the values that really matter.

This year I invite you to join me each day from now till Christmas.  Slow down and take a little time each day to make (or at least work on) a small angel project each day while reflecting on Spirit and what this season truly means to you.

Need angel patterns?  You will find a nice selection at the Web of Angels from Crafty College.

Check out my holiday eBook Have Yourself a Healthy Little Holiday for more non-food celebration ideas.

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2 thoughts on “A Season of Angels

  1. Count me in! It is late here but I will start in the morning. I think I will call mine “thank you Angels” and reflect on all I have to be thankful for as I make them. 🙂


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