The First Peace

“The first peace, which is the most important,  is that which comes within the souls of people  when they realize their relationship, their oneness, with the universe and all its powers,  and when they realize that at the center of the universe  dwells the Great Spirit,  and that this center is really everywhere,  it isContinue reading “The First Peace”

How do you Explain the Unexplainable?

Recently Bob and I were listening to a very gifted, educated and highly regarded “New Thought” teacher.  He was talking about how to not only find oneness with the Divine but also how to serve others from that place.  He was doing this to promote a course he was going to give but the talkContinue reading “How do you Explain the Unexplainable?”

The Great Delusion

At least for some of our time here on earth we live our lives under a great delusion.  Believing the myth of separation, we go about searching for God, acting as though the earth is ours to do with as we wish and hating our neighbor while the truth waits to be “discovered.”  Actually theContinue reading “The Great Delusion”