Loving our Mother Earth

When Bob and I first moved to our current home eight years ago, this was a beautiful place. A wooded lakeside community we have watched slowly being destroyed by people who want perfectly manicured lawns without the inconvenience of trees and wildlife. We will pay for these actions which we are already beginning to seeContinue reading “Loving our Mother Earth”

Walking into Autumn

  With the Autumnal Equinox on September 22nd the journey toward winter began.  For many this is a time of planning and preparation, making sure homes and vehicles are ready for the impending cold.  Squirrels are busily burying nuts so they will have food for winter.  Our daily lives begin to change as we digContinue reading “Walking into Autumn”

Listen to Your Mother

In the creation story in Genesis God shapes human bodies from the dust of the earth and breathes life into them. Literally or figuratively, doesn’t this tell us that God is our Father the earth is our Mother? Over the years I have found myself becoming more in tune with the rhythm of the seasons.Continue reading “Listen to Your Mother”