Song Lyrics Can Change Us

Music can be convey messages that can be life changing.  Sometimes Powerful song lyrics can help change our minds and even make us rethink prejudices.  Sometimes we hear a song that comforts us and makes us realize we are not alone. Scars to Beautiful by Alessia Care does all of the above.  Please take aContinue reading “Song Lyrics Can Change Us”

Please Welcome Bill Tonnis 

Today I would like to introduce you to singer-songwriter Bill Tonnis.  I am so grateful for Bill and others who are writing and singing such beautiful music while spreading their inspiring spiritual message. Bill has graciously agreed to “chat” with me a bit and answer a few questions.  Thank you so much for doing thisContinue reading “Please Welcome Bill Tonnis “

The Music of Life

This month at we are exploring music.  This will be a fun month with daily quotes, blog posts, videos and and a special feature.  You won’t want to miss my interview with singer/songwriter Bill Tonnis coming up on September 15. Whether or not you think you are a musician or even a music lover, weContinue reading “The Music of Life”