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Thought for Today

Copyright 2016 by R.A. Robbins
Copyright 2016 by R.A. Robbins

“People from my first home say I’m brave. They tell me I’m strong. They pat me on the back and say, ‘Way to go. Good job.’ But the truth is, I am not really very brave; I am not really very strong; and I am not doing anything spectacular. I am simply doing what God has called me to do as a person who follows Him. He said to feed His sheep and He said to care for ‘the least of these,’ so that’s what I’m doing, with the help of a lot people who make it possible and in the company of those who make my life worth living”
Katie J. Davis, Kisses from Katie: A Story of Relentless Love and Redemption

Finding our Calling

Copyright 2016 by R.A. Robbins
Copyright 2016 by R.A. Robbins

Often when we speak of finding our calling we are referring to our life’s work or career.  It has taken many years for me to realize that at least in my case, my  calling wasn’t about a job, it was about a way of life.

In my twenties if you would have told me my calling was to realize the God within all of us, to remind others of this, encourage them to thing positive thoughts and eat their vegetables, I would have laughed in your face.  🙂  It has been a long, hard road from where I thought I wanted to be to where I was meant to be.

It is still a struggle as I realize how different this calling makes me.  There are times of loneliness and sadness.  Times of feeling like an outcast — not belonging “to the world” but also not wanting to belong.  But there is also joy is watching others awaken and remember who they are and stand with and for the grace, mercy, peace and justice of God.  It is always exciting to see people awaken to truth, but right now is especially exciting.

I had intended to stop having a “theme” for each month as my blog stats seem to have been falling off this year.   I didn’t have a theme in mind for this month, but one seemed to develop on it’s own.  I guess Spirit have something else in mind.

So this month let’s explore awakening and what it means to be “called.”