It’s National Ice Cream Month!

July is National Ice Cream Month by Presidential Proclamation 5219, signed by then President Reagan on July 9, 1984.  But did you know that today, July 17 is also National Ice Cream Day?  Ice cream is certainly one way I enjoy my journey through life. Let’s think about ways we can celebrate ice cream. Try aContinue reading “It’s National Ice Cream Month!”

National Ice Cream Day (Dairy Free Version)

This being National Ice Cream Day I couldn’t resist celebrating with one of my favorite flavors of fruit cream. Carrot Cake Fruit Cream   Carrot Cake Fruit Cream Copyright 2015 by R.A. Robbins Ingredients 2 cups frozen mashed bananas ½ cup coconut milk beverage (in the carton) ½ teaspoon cinnamon ¼ cup finely grated carrotsContinue reading “National Ice Cream Day (Dairy Free Version)”

My First Blogiversary and You Get the Present!

One year ago today Espirational! began with our first post.  Time flies when you’re having fun! We called Espirational a 10 Minute Vacation for the soul, because our souls needed a vacation.  Thank you to everyone who has come along with us.  Your follows, comments and general support mean more than you know.   If you are new to Espirational,Continue reading “My First Blogiversary and You Get the Present!”