A Simple Discipline: Say YES!

For things to happen in our life we must be available, ready and willing.  When Spirit moves are we open to it, or do we even notice?  An important part of life is saying yes.  Not saying yes to everyone and everything because you are afraid to say no.  That is so not what IContinue reading “A Simple Discipline: Say YES!”

A Simple Discipline: Positive Inspiration

One of the most effective tools we can add to our spiritual practice is watching, listening to or reading positive inspiration daily.  Espirational is built upon this.  I hope you use it in this way and find it helpful. So why is this important?  First, to counteract the negative messages we are bombarded with daily.  Don’tContinue reading “A Simple Discipline: Positive Inspiration”

A Simple Discipline: Honor Your Mother Earth

Many people, even people of faith, have a mistaken idea about our relationship to the earth.  They seem to believe this planet and its resources are ours to do with as we wish.  Some of us still understand that we were placed in the “garden” to be caretakers, not to plunder and pillage its resources. How can we forget that the earth is ourContinue reading “A Simple Discipline: Honor Your Mother Earth”

A Simple Discipline: Practice Peace

  While most of us want to think of ourselves as peace-loving people we may sometimes find it difficult to practice what we preach.  Even the best of us allow ourselves to become all riled up due to circumstances or even people.  There may even be one particular person in your life who seems toContinue reading “A Simple Discipline: Practice Peace”