A Simple Discipline: Positive Inspiration

One of the most effective tools we can add to our spiritual practice is watching, listening to or reading positive inspiration daily.  Espirational is built upon this.  I hope you use it in this way and find it helpful.

So why is this important?

  1.  First, to counteract the negative messages we are bombarded with daily.  Don’t just watch the nightly news also surround yourself with the positive.
  2.  It is also a way to learn and absorb teachings so they are always available to us when we need them.  I use music for this.  That is why there are so many music videos here and why “I Release and I Let Go” shows up from time to time.

Reading of scripture or daily devotional material is important and a good way to get the positive word inside of us.  However I also believe that we can use the various other media available to us.  Sometimes a message that we just don’t get by reading or hearing a sermon just slips right into our mind and heart on music or video.

So let’s have a little fun this month.


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