Let it Start in Me

The world is in turmoil.  Change is coming and fear is in the air.  There are those who are arming themselves and urging others to do likewise.  They believe this is the only way to bring the world back to where they believe it should be and used to be. But is this really theContinue reading “Let it Start in Me”

Heal the World

Every year on New Year’s Eve I ask you to join me in praying for peace.  This year I ask that we expand our prayers to ask Spirit how we can contribute to peace in the world.  Meditate on this and be open to answers.  Remember peace has to begin somewhere, often with what mightContinue reading “Heal the World”

We Can Change the Words…

We can outlaw the symbols…   We can even try to restrict guns…   But if we really want to stop bigotry, violence and murder we must…   Change hearts and minds.   Only then we will begin to see actions change.   Only then we will see the beginning of peace….   and justice.  Continue reading “We Can Change the Words…”