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Peace Pilgrim

Mildred Lisette Norman Ryder also known as “Peace Pilgrim” was a pilgrim for peace.  After a 15 year spiritual transformation she spend 28 years walking 25,000 miles.  She did this with no money and no organization behind her, “fearlessly calling for international as well as personal disarmament.”

Her message was of “overcoming evil with good, hatred with love and falsehood with truth.”  This would be accomplished through stages of maturity.  First we must find inner peace; “then peace among individuals, the community, the nation and the world” is possible.  She also believed in the power of the mind and that we create our world with our thoughts.  Does any of this sound familiar?

Are you ready to be a peace pilgrim?  You don’t have to actually go out and walk 25,000 miles.  Walking through life with your own inner peace is the way we start.  We can all become peace pilgrims.

Information from http://www.peacepilgrim.org/ was used to research this post.

Peace Pilgrim handed out copies of her pamphlet Steps Toward Inner Peace on her journey.  You can download a copy from the website.


Creating Peace

My blog posts are usually scheduled ahead, but today I feel the need to step in and comment on world events. My heart is heavy with all the major outbreaks of violence and war in the world right now.

So what can we do? How should we react?

First we must remember that war does not create peace.

To have peace we must be peace.

To put a stop to the war and violence in the world we must put a stop to the war and violence in our own countries, cities, towns, neighborhoods and families, but first and foremost in our own hearts.

Violence and war in our world comes from fear so we must work to keep fear in check.

In a world that seems so dark we are desperately needed to shine the light of God.  As small as your light may seem, let it shine.  When we all shine the light together the world will be flooded with light.

Finally please join me in saying the prayer for protection over all (including innocent civilians and children) who are currently in harms way due to war and other forms of violence.

The light of God surrounds us;
The love of God enfolds us;
The power of God protects us;
The presence of God watches over us;
Wherever we are, God is!

Prayer For Protection by James Dillet Freeman