Let it Start in Me

The world is in turmoil.  Change is coming and fear is in the air.  There are those who are arming themselves and urging others to do likewise.  They believe this is the only way to bring the world back to where they believe it should be and used to be. But is this really the way to bring about change?  Is going backward really the right thing or do we need to move forward?
One thing I know is that violence only brings about more violence.  Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi knew this.  To bring about peace we must be peace.  To create more love in the world we must be love.
Now is the time for those who understand these principles to not only stand up and practice them, but also teach others.  The noise and seeming power of the angry throng can be deafening and frightening, but we must not let it overcome us. We give away our power when we cower in fear or believe that the majority will win in spite of anything we might do.  Are they really the majority or are the simply louder and angrier than the others?
Change is a comin’.  But what kind of change?  Will fear, anger and violence win, ultimately destroying our planet?  Or will people of faith, peace and courage stand up and show the world that there is another way?  It’s up to us.  Let is start in us.  Let it start in me.

Published by Espirational

Promoting creativity, peace and a positive lifestyle, one thought at a time and having fun along the way.

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