Please Help Yourself to the Refreshments

As a part of our Grand Opening for the Expansion of the Espirational Online Family we have refreshments.  Okay so this is an online event so you have to make them yourself.  But we have recipes.

Please go over to the Kindle Store, grab yourself a free copy of Frozen Fun and enjoy a smoothie or a dish of ice cream or dairy free fruit cream.  But don’t wait this free offer ends on June 11.

Oh, if you enjoy the refreshments, please consider leaving an honest review on Kindle.  Don’t forget to mention you received a free copy in your review.

One thought on “Please Help Yourself to the Refreshments”

  1. These recipes are great! Even with knowing I was lactose intolerant for years, I could not give up ice cream. That is, until Genie grew weary of hearing me complain about having belly aches and decided to do something about my food intolerance with milk products. With her discovery and creation of new “banana dream” frozen treats I can now have my ice cream like treats with far fewer episodes of belly yucks, and the stomach problems I do have are not caused by milk which we no longer use. THANK YOU GENIE! Try these recipes. You’ll love them.

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