We are Walking in the Light of God

Sing along with this joyous video if you like.

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8 thoughts on “We are Walking in the Light of God

  1. Bob and Rogene, the posting of this video on my own blog seems to have been part of leading my brother, who has practiced Christian Science for many years, to find his way to my blog yesterday and to contacting me through in my own blog comments area. I hadn’t heard from him in a very long time and it is indeed a beautiful blessing to hear from him and to find that he is pretty much okay… a true blessing. ( the connection happened on another post, but then I heard from him again this morning about the “We are walking in the light of God” post and video. (he was stunned to find it there.) If you would like to see/share in what you helped happen, it starts at the bottom of this post..the last comment. And then I went back today to add photos, in case he comes back to that post. I’m stunned. http://pocketperspectives.wordpress.com/2012/12/05/butterflies-abound-being-transforming-emerging-becoming/ ) My deepest thanks. Kathy


    1. I happened onto this video by accident while looking for another song with a similar title. Glad I did. I agree this is a beautiful and inspirational video. I’ve watched it many times since stumbling onto it.


      1. I created pages for the video and posted it just now…I love that song! I linked back to your blog and post…thank you again for sharing it with us. ( I like singing it in Zulu!…so that was why I started making pages for it, but then just kept going… : ) )


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