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A Fond Farewell to Faerieville

Today Bob, Callie and I are on the road on our way to our new home. I will write more about the move with photos (hopefully) in June. We are moving to a beautiful place — but you will have to wait for more details.

Don’t worry, I schedule my blog posts ahead, so things around here will go on as usual while we are moving and getting settled.

Today we want to leave you with a few photos of new faerie houses at the lake near where we have lived the last 9 years. New houses have been popping up as new families have moved into the neighborhood. Enjoy!

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If you could move anywhere…

English: Alaska Railroad train
English: Alaska Railroad train (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

… where would it be?  If money and distance were no object where would you go?  Would your choice be different if there were limitations?

Bob and I think about this now in deciding where to live in retirement.  This is more difficult than you would think.  Bob says his no limits choice would be New Zealand, I think mine would be Alaska.  But there are limits and our first choice turned out to be not so good for us.  So we’re back to the drawing board, trying to regroup and start making this about getting out of the city and having fun.  Day and overnight trips here we come!

Where would you go if you could live anywhere?  Have fun with this and let me hear from you.

Celebrating the Small Things: Looking at Relocation Information

Missouri Ozarks
Missouri Ozarks (Photo credit: Topato)

Bob and I have been looking at relocation packets received from Chambers of Commerce in towns we might want to move to sometime in the next year.  Pouring through lots of information hoping to make better use of our time when we go to visit in the fall.

A small part of planning for something really big.  We’ve been wanting to make this move for a long time.  This is all good.