Artist at Play

Bob and I have been working very hard.  I have been exhausted and in desperate need of some playtime.   So… I decided to do something with the tree stump outside our back door.  When we first moved here, it was a tree by our  back door.  A dead tree.  A dead tree that liked toContinue reading “Artist at Play”

A Fond Farewell to Faerieville

Today Bob, Callie and I are on the road on our way to our new home. I will write more about the move with photos (hopefully) in June. We are moving to a beautiful place — but you will have to wait for more details. Don’t worry, I schedule my blog posts ahead, so thingsContinue reading “A Fond Farewell to Faerieville”

Celebrating the Small Things: Faerie Houses

I don’t know how long this faerie house had been in our favorite walking park before we noticed it.  Aren’t surprises nice?  It took me about a month to remember the camera so we could get a photo. Don’t forget to drop by Scribblings of an Aspiring Author to see what others are celebrating.