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Artist at Play

fairy house w garden 1

Bob and I have been working very hard.  I have been exhausted and in desperate need of some playtime.   So… I decided to do something with the tree stump outside our back door.  When we first moved here, it was a tree by our  back door.  A dead tree.  A dead tree that liked to drop big branches on the roof, scaring the living daylights out of us.   Finally, last year the tree was removed, but we were left with a sizeable stump.

I am still very much a little girl at heart and quite intrigued with the whole idea of faeries.  I made a faerie art quilt several years ago and loved it when faerie houses started showing up in our favorite park when we lived in Omaha.  It took awhile to give up the very adult notion that turning that old stump into a faerie house would be a total waste of time, but I finally decided to go for it.  The faerie house/garden project is ongoing.  Since I had no real plan or idea where I was going when I started, it is evolving on it’s own.  I add little bits here and there when inspiration hits.

There is a little extra challenge here.  I love creative challenges and often set them for myself just to stretch a bit.   I am trying to do this without spending money — which means I get to dust off my general craft skills.  It also means that when a fabric/craft store sends me a sale flier full of faerie garden stuff I shouldn’t look.  😉

I don’t think I’m the only little girl whose heart still dreams of faeries.  Female friends, neighbors and relatives are contributing ideas, plants, a faerie here and there and a giggle or two.  After all we’ll always be girls at heart.

What does playtime mean to you?  What do you do for fun?  Do you think you’ll ever really grow up?