If you could move anywhere…

English: Alaska Railroad train
English: Alaska Railroad train (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

… where would it be?  If money and distance were no object where would you go?  Would your choice be different if there were limitations?

Bob and I think about this now in deciding where to live in retirement.  This is more difficult than you would think.  Bob says his no limits choice would be New Zealand, I think mine would be Alaska.  But there are limits and our first choice turned out to be not so good for us.  So we’re back to the drawing board, trying to regroup and start making this about getting out of the city and having fun.  Day and overnight trips here we come!

Where would you go if you could live anywhere?  Have fun with this and let me hear from you.

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12 thoughts on “If you could move anywhere…

  1. I’m jumping in a little late to the discussion. I’m in the same position – searching for a good retirement location, and with many of the same requirements. I’ve heard that Asheville, NC is a great place: open minded, holistic population, good climate, natural beauty, etc.


    1. That’s funny. We had been thinking about the Asheville area until retirement happened right now instead of five years from now. It’s just too far away to be able to work out the logistics while I’m the only driver. I’ve heard it’s beautiful. We’re looking at a small town in Iowa right now — unusual for what it offers for it’s size. Two larger cities are one hour to the east and two hours to the west. We were there last week and so far it looks good. A lot better than the first area we were considering.


  2. Funny you mention Alaska. We have both been saying for a while now that we would love to visit there and also take a train trip across the Rockies. New Zealand is beautiful, so I hear!
    We have a dream of doing a road trip in a huge RV right across the USA and also exploring the East Coast. Well, we can dream, right?
    All the best with your travel and future relocation plans! Checking in from Somerset, England… 🙂


  3. I would love to move around, not stay in a place for years. As there is so much to see, so a year New Zealand, a year Spain, a year Norway, .. you see what I mean! 🙂 A long time to my retirement though.. hehe


  4. I always thought I’d move back to southern Germany for my second retirement. I like the slower pace there. But I have been to so many fascinating places: from Korea to Borneo, to the Bengal coast, Hindu Kush, Arab peninsula, Serengheti, Carpathian Mountains to the Alps, and the Appalachians to the Sierra Nevedas. I get bored sitting in one place too long, so I’d like to keep traveling wherever it is I call ‘home’.


  5. Maybe I’m different, but I am happy and content where I have lived for the past six years.; The relocation at the time was done because with a very ill husband to get to specialist medical appointments frequently I could not deal with the upkeep of a rural property and give him full attention. Neither of us wanted to leave our little piece of heaven and move to suburbia, but I am content the move was the right one


    1. I’m glad you’re content where you are. I think we’re in a different situation than many as well. We moved here because there were jobs. The city is too big, violent, conservative and resistant to change for us to be comfortable here. We always knew when we were no longer dependent on the local economy for income there would be no reason for us to stay. It just came sooner and in a different way than we expected. If this had been home for many years and we had family and other connections here we might feel differently. One thing I’m not looking forward to is the actual physical move, but I think the change will be good for us.


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