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An Awakening

We struggle to find life outside ourselves, un...
We struggle to find life outside ourselves, unaware that the life we are seeking is within. (Photo credit: *Randee)

“No man can reveal to you aught but that which already lies half asleep in the dawning of your knowledge.” — Kahil Gibran from The Prophet

My last semester of college I found myself in a different religion class than I had enrolled in. The instructor had left over the summer. So I thought I had enrolled in a class on the Old Testament Prophets finding myself in something called The God Man Christian Experience. I was a scientific minded Baptist headed for graduate school to study physiological psychology. My path was set. My faith was set.

But the Universe had a different idea. Bob Imperato was brought into my life to introduce me to Christian mysticism and things have never been the same. I spent hours in Mr. Imperato’s office ranting, but could not refute what I was learning. I knew within my spirit it was true. The wise teacher leaned back in his chair smiling and let me rant. He knew he was witnessing the awakening of truth that had been half asleep inside me waiting for the right time for the teacher to appear.

Do you have an awakening story?