Celebrating the Small Things: Fur Children

I admit it!  I am on my way to becoming the crazy cat lady.  Bob and I are one of those couples who never were blessed with human children so we opted for cross species adoption. Our current fur child Callie is wild and crazy and full of life.  Sometimes a little too full ofContinue reading “Celebrating the Small Things: Fur Children”

Celebrating the Small Things: 1st eBook Sale

When Bob told me the first copy of my new eBook Frozen Fun sold just a few days after becoming available in the Amazon Kindle Store I was excited.  Almost as excited as when I first held a copy of my print book in my hands or the first time I  found it at BarnesContinue reading “Celebrating the Small Things: 1st eBook Sale”

Celebrating the Small Things: Good Neighbors

We live in an apartment community.  People move in.  People move out.  Some are good neighbors.  Others, not so much.  Sometimes the nice people don’t stay long enough while it seems the trouble makers will never leave. It can get discouraging when the building is full of drama or words of greeting are met with anContinue reading “Celebrating the Small Things: Good Neighbors”

Celebrating Small Things: The “Family Tree”

Since today is Arbor Day and we live in Nebraska where Arbor Day began, it seems appropriate to express appreciation for our tree.  We have a tree outside our patio door, a rare luxury in an apartment. I call it the “family tree” since it seems to attract more than a few Robins.  In caseContinue reading “Celebrating Small Things: The “Family Tree””

Celebrate the Small Things: Cake

Most people celebrate special occasions with cake.  At our house cake is a reason for celebration all its own.   And why not? This week I made a carrot cake and we are still celebrating.  Click here for my Carrot Cake Recipe and you can join the celebration. There is a weekly Blog Hop at ScribblingsContinue reading “Celebrate the Small Things: Cake”