Reasons to Celebrate June

There are always reasons to celebrate life if you just look around you. During June we have the obvious holidays we all know about, Flag Day, The Summer Equinox  and Fathers Day But did you know that June is also: Candy Month Dairy Month National Accordion Awareness Month National Adopt a Cat Month National Fresh Fruit andContinue reading “Reasons to Celebrate June”

Celebrating the Small Things: Unexpected Results

                                     Copyright 2013 by R.A. Robbins I am taking part in Rocket Squids, a “boot camp” for new Squidoo Lensmasters which includes writing weekly challenge lenses.  Recently the theme was gadgets and involved writing a product review.   The only gadget I could think of was a pizza cutter.  Bob and I brainstormed a bit and cameContinue reading “Celebrating the Small Things: Unexpected Results”

Celebrating the Small Things: Good Neighbors

We live in an apartment community.  People move in.  People move out.  Some are good neighbors.  Others, not so much.  Sometimes the nice people don’t stay long enough while it seems the trouble makers will never leave. It can get discouraging when the building is full of drama or words of greeting are met with anContinue reading “Celebrating the Small Things: Good Neighbors”

Celebrating The Small Things: Time

Beauty in a Dying Tree Copyright 2013 by R.A. Robbins To be honest, when Bob lost his job before he was planning to retire I was not happy.  But now I am glad he decided to accept what happened and not fight a wrongful termination.  I can see we were really given a gift.  TheContinue reading “Celebrating The Small Things: Time”

Celebrate the Small Things: Cake

Most people celebrate special occasions with cake.  At our house cake is a reason for celebration all its own.   And why not? This week I made a carrot cake and we are still celebrating.  Click here for my Carrot Cake Recipe and you can join the celebration. There is a weekly Blog Hop at ScribblingsContinue reading “Celebrate the Small Things: Cake”