Reasons to Celebrate June

There are always reasons to celebrate life if you just look around you.

During June we have the obvious holidays we all know about, Flag Day, The Summer Equinox  and Fathers Day

But did you know that June is also:

  • Candy Month
  • Dairy Month
  • National Accordion Awareness Month
  • National Adopt a Cat Month
  • National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month
  • Rose Month
  • Turkey Lovers Month

Some of the more unique and fun ways to celebrate June include:

6 National Trails Day  First Saturday in June   Get out there and hit the trail!

17 Eat Your Vegetables Day   You’ve got to know this would be a favorite of mine.

20 World Juggler’s DaySaturday closest to June 17th  I know you’ve always wanted to try it.

29 Camera Day  Don’t go anywhere without your camera.

29 Hug Holiday  The world definitely needs more hugs.

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