Top Ten Staycation Ideas #10

Think you can’t afford a vacation this year? This is one of my top ten ideas for fun and relaxation close to home. Hike or Bike on local trails.  *  Get a good trail map of your area and start exploring. *  If hiking in an unfamiliar area, start with a beginner’s trail, whether youContinue reading “Top Ten Staycation Ideas #10”

July is National Watermelon Month!

July is recognized as National Watermelon Month by proclamation of the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate. Why not celebrate? *  Watermelon contains more Lycopene than other fresh fruits and vegetables.  A 2 cup serving of watermelon averages 18.16 mg while a medium-sized tomato contains only 4 mg. *  Watermelon is an excellent source ofContinue reading “July is National Watermelon Month!”

Thought for Today

“Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.” Michael Jordan A Note from Rogene:  We are all painfully aware of the tragic events of recent days in Aurora Colorado (suburban Denver).  Our hearts go out to the families of those lost and to the survivors who will be dealing with trying to recover both physically andContinue reading “Thought for Today”

“When I Consider Thy Heavens…”

You may recognize the title of this post as words from the Bible (Psalm 8:3 KJV).  Looking up at the night sky has inspired poets, artists, philosophers, theologians, musicians, scientists and other dreamers since time began.  Technology now lets us see the stars in a way we never have before.  Need a little inspiration?  See the universeContinue reading ““When I Consider Thy Heavens…””

A Simple Fruit Salad

A simple fruit salad using fresh, unsweetened peaches, strawberries and blueberries.  Doesn’t it look good?  A tip to keep fruit like peaches or apples from turning brown is to dip them in water with a little lemon juice added.  Fruit is naturally sweet.  If it is ripe, there is no need for added sugar. Sometimes theContinue reading “A Simple Fruit Salad”