A Work of Art in Progress

“What would it be like if you lived each day, each breath, as a work of art in progress? Imagine that you are a Masterpiece unfolding every second of every day, a work of art taking form with every breath.”
—Thomas Crum

Please take a few minutes to consider this quote. Journal about it if you wish. How would your life change if you could see yourself as a masterpiece still unfolding?

Published by Espirational

Promoting creativity, peace and a positive lifestyle, one thought at a time and having fun along the way.

6 thoughts on “A Work of Art in Progress

      1. I no longer have a formal gallery online but I do have a few photos here https://espirational.com/gallery-2/ My art is a part of my spiritual practice and since moving to the lake several years ago it has become more and more inspired by our sunrises, sunsets and the migratory birds that come through here. Thank you for stopping by and for your kind words.


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