What is Mine to Do?

 “I have done what was mine to do.  May Christ teach you what is yours.” — St. Francis of Assisi

What is mine to do? This has been the question i have been asking over and over as I have watched our country being torn apart from within. As I have sought my guidance the answer that has come over and over has always been “shine your light.”

But God, I want to DO something. What is mine to do? Shine your light.

But we live at the lake in a rural area. We gave up our car two years ago. How am I supposed to shine my light? I want to be “out there doing something.” Shine your light.

Okay. I do what I can. I pray. I listen. I check in on some of the older widows. I maintain the blog. But that isn’t enough. I want to DO something.

Then it finally hit me. What is mine to do is to encourage people. To let them know there is still hope and light in the world. And that is “enough.”

Why? Because if everyone does what is there’s to do, the world will change.

What is yours to do?

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