You are more than your story

Copyright 2016 by R.A. Robbins

Do you feel trapped in a story of “pain”, “sickness”, “loneliness”, “abuse”, “failure”, “shame” or “isolation”?  Or perhaps your story is of a “perfect world” which may not exist?  Have you moved beyond all that but still find yourself telling the same old story over and over?  Is it time to lay down that tired old story which no longer serves your highest good?

As individuals, communities and nations we are being called to re-examine our stories.  Looking closer at our history, admitting mistakes and taking action to make things better is necessary during times like these.  It’s time to start admitting we are not perfect.  We need to summon the collective courage to dig up some of the skeletons so long buried we can almost believe they don’t exist, find common ground and begin to heal old wounds so we can move forward.

Yes, our stories have led us to who and where we are today.  They have been stepping stones.  They can even serve us as a warning of pitfalls we need to avoid.  It’s when they become our sole identity that we get in trouble.   It is time to release tired old stories that have been holding you back, both individually and collectively so we can live for our higher good?

Please join us in thoughtful consideration of this important topic.

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