Knowing God

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I have reached a point in my life where I am really not interested in theology. I don’t want to know what scholars or preachers think about God, I want to know God.  Faith for me has become less and less intellectual and more experiential.

Life and faith are not meant to be endless struggle until we die and “go to heaven” as an escape from this earth.  We are created to know and enjoy God right here and now.  It is our beliefs about God spelled out in our doctrines and theologies which make life hard.  It is not some sort of punishment from God, we do it to ourselves.

Almost twenty years ago at the end of an energy healing session I had an experience of the Divine that changed my life and how I see God.  The healer, who was also a licensed medical doctor, knew something special happened and asked about it, but there were no words to describe it.

The doctor died unexpectedly a few months after that and unfortunately it took me awhile to stop going from one alternative healer to another looking to repeat that experience.  I was not ready to comprehend that God was within me and that conscious experience of the Divine is always at hand.  Now I don’t know how I lived before.

That doesn’t mean life is always smooth sailing.  I do a pretty good job of complicating things and making life hard all on my own.  But it is my thoughts and beliefs that do that, not God.

So this month let’s look at knowing God.  If you have a personal experience you would like to share, please feel free to leave a comment below.



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2 thoughts on “Knowing God

  1. thank you for this post!
    the more one travels down this path, the more one sees into one’s own library of experiences, and the more one sees the presence of grace who was pointing the way throughout our lives…for much of our lives we weren’t ready to see it…..when that time finally arrives one begins to see it in the early conditioning that was formed when one’s first pet died and a love was lost, the first experience of extreme anger and judgement by and of others, the first conceptions of the divisiveness of us and them…one starts to see patterns in one’s own inventory of experience…as one sits with these patterns, one sees the conditioned responses in adult life that were once barely perceptible and the original events which caused the conditioning…. and by seeing the hand of grace in every adversity one finally lets them go and grace seems to smile …. as each book is taken off the shelf of pain and suffering and is returned to the shelf of letting go, understanding and love, one realizes more and more who we really are….its almost as if we needed to build our own library and come to the realization that the books of our own life experience had been kept on the wrong shelves


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