Holy Ground

Copyright 2016 by R. A. Robbins

There seems to be something within us that is always searching.  The pull is so strong it leads us to churches, spiritual teachers or even halfway around the world to “sacred sites” on a spiritual pilgrimage.  We are looking for a place, that “holy ground” where we believe we will find God.

What drives us in our search for God?  Do we really believe that God is “out there” somewhere?

I believe we are born knowing our oneness with God and each other.  As we are trained and educated by our culture and the world we begin to forget.  We lose our sense of oneness with God and may begin to feel “lost.”

Are you looking for Holy Ground?  That sacred place where God is?  I have good news!  It’s closer than you think.  You don’t have to search or give anyone money to find it.  You are standing on it, in it.

The presence of God is over, under, all around and within you, your family, friends; even your enemies.  You see, the journey is not an external one, to a holy place somewhere outside ourselves.  The journey is within.  Stop, stand or sit quietly and breathe.  Quiet your mind, listen, feel and experience the presence of God. 

This month we will explore ways to remember we are always on Holy Ground.  Please join us.


We are talking about Holy Ground this month in The Espirational Community on Facebook.  Please consider this your invitation to join our community and participate in the discussion of this timely topic.

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