Espirational Meet and Greet

It seems appropriate to end our month of posts on communication with a little get-together or party if you will.  Hopefully, this will give us a chance to meet new readers and get to know the “old-timers” a little better. Please leave a brief introduction in the comments below with a link to your blogContinue reading “Espirational Meet and Greet”

Bob’s Response to “Is Stephen Hawking Right about Hostile Aliens?”

Yesterday I sent Bob a link to an article I found thinking he would be interested including the title “Is Stephen Hawking Right about Hostile Aliens?” in the subject line.  Bob thought this was a burning question I had and answered it as such.  It really wasn’t but his thought that it was resulted inContinue reading “Bob’s Response to “Is Stephen Hawking Right about Hostile Aliens?””