Butterball Gluten Free Turkey Information

Recently I stumbled onto a page on the Butterball turkey website I thought I should share with you.  It not only has a nice graphic on how to know if a Butterball turkey is gluten free, but also has links to more information in the FAQ and recipes.  Who doesn’t love recipes?  So go take aContinue reading “Butterball Gluten Free Turkey Information”

Need Help with Holiday Cooking?

Tis the season for the holiday food  help lines, hotlines and websites.  Below is a list of companies providing information, recipes and tips for holiday cooking. Butterball Turkey Talk-Line: 800-BUTTERBALL (Live help during Nov. and Dec.), or via e-mail at talkline@butterball.com  Automated assistance all year. Foster Farms Turkey Helpline: 800- 255-7227 Honeysuckle White  (800) 810-6325 Recorded answersContinue reading “Need Help with Holiday Cooking?”